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Three ordinary guys One extraordinary mission - To serve up some powerful insights and practical hacks that will take your daily life on the road ahead, to the next level - Something new and useful every episode in less than 30 minutes!

Brought to you by Rick Gabrielly, Frank van den Horst, Peter M Fellows of The Road Ahead Cafe

Latest Episodes…

  1. "Everyone always does their best" EP14

    How is understanding this is a key to forgiveness of others and of yourself? How can we discover all our inner resources so we can access them? What if we just make a commitment to always do the best we can? With three very different perspectives on this quotation, from three very different ...


  2. "The Power of Energy Healing" EP13

    Is this for real? How does it work? What can it do? Fill up on super fuel with three fabulous platings of insight from three regular guys...all in under 30 minutes. Learn more about these three ordinary guys at And remember: good friends share good discoveries! Let those you care about know ...


  3. "How do I get rid of my Fears?" EP12

    You don't have any fears according to Peter. It is your Inner Voice that has fears. But how can you help him or her overcome those fears?   Fears can be your friends, claims Frank. But when fear has you in its clutches, how do you turn it into a friend?   Your fears were programmed ...


  4. "Visions, Fever & Integrity" EP11

    How did Frank's use of "non-resistance" help him ground himself after an overwhelming, dramatic past-life vision he had while in Nepal? How did Peter's use of Pathfinding help his freaked-out, feverish brain find its way back to Flow? How did Rick's use of Integrity-based choices help him more closely connect with others? Fresh ...


  5. "The Four Agreements" EP10

    "Freedom, true happiness, and life." Hidden for a thousand years, don Miguel Ruiz, an Eagle Knight of the ancient Toltec wisdom, now reveals in his book, how honoring the Four Agreements can give you these.  Rick, Frank & Peter serve up three unique takes on this book in under 30 minutes. Learn more ...