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"How do I begin meditating?" EP7

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"How do I begin meditating?" EP7

Everyone says you should do it, but how do you begin? 

Is meditation a tool to help you get somewhere, or a Way of Living?

Peter suggests that how you begin depends where you want to go. And since you may not know, consciously, what you want from meditation, he shares how he gets inner guidance using Mindful Pathfinding.

Frank focuses on the daily practices like dishwashing as a method to calm the mind and what to do if someone cuts in line while driving for example. How do you stay balanced and calm?

Rick tells how he began by using "guided" meditation, but now simply practices gratitude every chance he gets, in everything he does. In this way his dayhe had made his way of life a form of meditation.

Rick, Frank & Peter serve up three unique takes in under 30 minutes on how to begin meditating.

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