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"Loving What Is" EP20

"Loving What Is" EP20
The Road Ahead Cafe
"Loving What Is" EP20

"One Small Step Can Change Your Life" & "Joy's Way." 

Three book choices - three powerful paths.

Peter shares the four questions that can change your life doing "The Work" from Byron Katie.

Frank reveals The Kaizen Way to circumvent the brain's built-in resistance to new behavior.

And Rick gives us Dr. Brugh's introduction to the transformational potentials for healing with body energies.


"Forget your therapy appointment. Cancel your consultant. Dump your healing circle.

"Everything you need in life is served up right here, in this episode, by these three guys, in these three books!"

...said no one, ever.

Learn more about what these three get up to when they aren't talking to you.


And remember: good friends share good discoveries!

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