Wisdom, Authenticity & Daring

Wisdom, Authenticity & Daring
The Road Ahead Cafe
Wisdom, Authenticity & Daring

May 24 2024 | 00:23:52

Episode 26 May 24, 2024 00:23:52

Hosted By

Rick Gabrielly, Frank van den Horst, Peter M. Fellows

Show Notes

What happened when Peter asked the Universe to give him one single "super belief" to use so he didn't have to puzzle through all the thousands of pages on self-help books from all the sages, mystics, trance mediums and other purveyors of creating the life you want..  

The student who dared to be authentic, a true story Frank shared.

Do the work that seems impossible, says Rick. It will reward you! 

hree powerful teachings, 

from three regular guys,

all in under thirty minutes.

The best bargain in the podcasting universe!

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