EP96 Resolutions

EP96 Resolutions
The Road Ahead Cafe
EP96 Resolutions

Jan 04 2024 | 00:16:34

Episode 96 January 04, 2024 00:16:34

Hosted By

Rick Gabrielly, Frank van den Horst, Peter M. Fellows

Show Notes

Ready for 2024? Got your goal setting hat on? Listen to what Peter, Frank & Rick think about your goals in this new beginnings (Big Innings for you baseball fans) episode.


Three powerful teachings, 

from three regular guys,

all in under thirty minutes.


The best bargain in the podcasting universe!


Shout out to all solopreneurs

battling stress as you build your dream: 


We're building a community and

our Members support each other

and swap best practices for 

handling stress and 

leveling up our daily lives.


Does this sound like 

something that

a person like you

would engage in?








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