2 Seths & Some Ancient Secrets EP45

Episode 45 June 09, 2022 00:24:50
2 Seths & Some Ancient Secrets EP45
The Road Ahead Cafe
2 Seths & Some Ancient Secrets EP45

Hosted By

Rick Gabrielly, Frank van den Horst, Peter M. Fellows

Show Notes

21 year old Peter tries to contact a spirit teacher through the Ouija Board after reading The Seth Material, by Jane Roberts.

Rick speaks about Seth Grodin's book The Practice. To be successful in any creative endeavor you need to commit to a practice. Rick gives us three tips on how to do that.

Frank reveals The Secrets of The Lost Prayer, by Gregg Braden. Could our deepest hurts reveal the key to a powerful forgotten form of prayer that was lost 17 centuries ago?

It's all in the


segment, EPISODE 45


In under 30 minutes, 3 regular guys

will give you 3 approaches

to get you cruising on your road ahead.

The best bargain in the podcasting universe!

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