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--- Rick Gabrielly, Frank van den Horst, Peter M Fellows ---

Three ordinary guys One extraordinary mission - To serve up some powerful insights and practical hacks that will take your daily life on the road ahead, to the next level - Something new and useful every episode in less than 30 minutes!

Brought to you by Rick Gabrielly, Frank van den Horst, Peter M Fellows of The Road Ahead Cafe

Latest Episodes…

  1. "A Man Sees in the World... EP19

    WHAT HE CARRIES IN HIS HEART" I disagree! Peter says. (What else is new?) It is not what you carry in your heart. You see in the world what you carry in your head. Your brain's Worldview colors your experience. And yet it can be true, says Frank. You carry wonderful things in your ...


  2. "The Hidden Power of Gratitude" EP18

    Revealed: How gratitude can level up your life! Gratitude, Peter says, is not only a natural antidpressant, but it can also enhance your romance, and even help you reach your goals. In this episode Frank will lead you in a mini-meditation. Frank always says, "What you thank about you bring about!"  Rick reveals ...


  3. "How Can I Find My Purpose in Life?" EP17

    You have no purpose, according to Peter. The justification for existence is being. Look to your talents, advises Frank. You are the purpose.  Look for your sweetspot, suggests Rick. Notice how your mind works, how you can be a part of something bigger than yourself, and do what you love. Three wafers of ...


  4. "Our Podcast Journey" EP16

    Thinking of beginning your own podcast? Wondering how we started ours? Frank, Rick and Peter hold a freewheeling three-way conversation on how they started up this podcast. What divine events led up to the creation of The Road Ahead Cafe, and why is it even called that?  How did practical tools collide with the ...


  5. "The Inner Game of Tennis..." EP15

    ...and "The Autobiography of a Yogi." Your performance in life equals your potential minus your brain's interference. Peter and Frank share with you how learning this Inner Game can make all the difference in your life. Rick shares how "Autobiography of a Yogi" started his spiritual journey from materialistic uber salesman to ...